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Born in Kumasi, Ghana, Rev. Mrs. Mercy Afriyie Adade is the co-founder and pastor of GZMI.

Married to Rev. Emmanuel Adade over 20 years, the couples have been blessed with five beautiful children Evelyn, Emmanuel, Kezia, Kelvina and Kirsten. This strong and dynamic woman of God realized the call of God on her life in the early 1990’s but it was not until the late 1990’s that she responded to that call.

In her early years in ministry in Kumasi where she started, she served as a Sunday school teacher, an usher and a cell meeting coordinator, until she moved to Obuasi.

Rev. Mercy has a strong passion for the word and prayer as such believes that prayer, the word of God and holiness should be the central focus of every Christian. In one sentence she can be described as a woman of prayer. With this as her focus she channels her time, energy and resources in developing people in that regard. She operates strongly in the healing, deliverance and prophetic grace. She is a teacher, counselor, street evangelist and an intercessor.

“Mama Mercy’ as so passionately called by all exhibits the true qualities of a mother. She is loving, caring, hopeful and also a strong disciplinarian.

Always beaming with smiles, she is easily approached by all. She believes in people, respect people and have faith in people. She also strongly believes in hard work and perseverance. Next time you are in Obuasi, you can’t afford to miss being seated under the feat of such an anointed woman of God. Don’t miss the experience!

Meet Rev. Emmanuel Adade


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